Crystallization Room Notes  
Gryphon Robot Tubing:

    Head Wash Pump (lower)
        Inner hose is Wash Fill with MasterFlex Tygon 06440-17 (1/4" id)
        Outer hose in Wash Empty with MasterFlex Tygon 06440-18 (3/8" id)
        Blue wash basin empty tubing is Tygon Flexene 1/4" id
        All other tubing is Tygon R3603 1/4" id

    Nano Wash Pump (upper)
        Inner hose is Nano Fill with Masterflex Tygon 06440-16 (1/8" id)
        Outer host is Nano Empty with Masterflex Tygon 06440-17 (1/4" id)
        Rest of nano fill tubing is Tygon R3603 1/8" id
        Rest of nano empty tubing is Tygon S3 E3603 (1/4" id)