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NR 495 Undergraduate Research Experience

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Information for current students

NR 495 offers undergraduate students at Colorado State University an opportunity to get hands-on research experience with graduate students and faculty in departments across campus in a wide variety of disciplines.  In addition to working in the lab or in the field, students also write a scientific paper about the project they work on, and give a presentation (poster or oral) at the end of the semester to everybody participating in the program.
Projects my students have worked on:
(1) Functional genetic diversity and pathogen resistance in black-tailed prairie dogs (field and laboratory experiences)
(2) Host-parasite dynamics on the Shortgrass Steppe LTER Site
(3) Epidemiology of Ranavirus at a restored wetland complex in western North Carolina
Summer/ Fall 2006 team: Katie Parsons, Summer Sanford, Liz Harp, Holly Meltesen, Chris Symmes, Helen Lepper (not shown: Tram Nguyen, Steven Easter, Emma Chileshe)
Jared developing an SSCP gel (Spring 2007) Lisa extracting DNA from a wood frog tadpole (Spring 2007) Katie and Jason preparing samples for PCR (Spring 2007) Dana loading an agarose gel 
(Spring 2007)
The PCR and gel room in the Antolin Lab
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