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Collection Trip to Peru!(March '09)

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Public release of(Dec '08)

  1. pFCM100 Fish Cassette for Mutagenesis &
  2. pollen and unpollinated style Proteomic Sequences


Flower pollination Protocol Movies


The Bedinger Laboratory is a collaborative scientific congregation who's identity is rooted in the need to understand the biological processes underlying species isolation within the Tomato family.

Our team of Doctoral and Student researchers is a mix of backgrounds from molecular biology to animal husbandry. As a laboratory of science we strive for inclusion of other collaborative research groups from around the United States that help to contribute to our multidisciplined research approach.

By using the tomato family as a model, our specialists in genetics, molecular biology, proteomics, cell biology, and molecular breeding are working together to tackling one of the most fundamental scientific question! What reproductive mechanisms contribute to speciation?

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Tomato haikus:

I say Solanum

you say lycopersicum

just say tomato

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pollination, frustration

where's your anther been?

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