Guild of Rocky Mountain Ecologists and Evolutionary Biologists


19-21 2014

Staci M. Amburgey


Please join us for this year's Guild of Rocky Mountain Ecologists and Evolutionary Biologists (GREEBs) meeting at Colorado State University's mountain campus at Pingree Park, Colorado. 

GREEBs is an opportunity for researchers to get together and share results and ideas with scientists who primarily work and/or live in the Rockies.  Contributions from any field of ecology and evolutionary biology are welcome.  There will be two invited keynote presentations, one Friday night, and the other on Saturday night.  Contributed talks will be presented all day Saturday and Sunday morning, and will be 15 minutes in length. A computer and projector will be provided.

Attendance options include package deals covering room and board (Friday night through Sunday breakfast/snack lunch) plus registration (starting at $144) to registration only ($25/day for adults).  Dinners and breakfasts can be purchased separately in advance for those who are commuting.


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The official GREEBs 2014 Program is available here: